A colorful artwork featuring butterflies and leaves against a gradient background transitioning from yellow to blue.

Vibrant I

Butterflies, clear quartz, pyrite, acrylic and gold leaf. 

Original: $3,500

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Vibrant I


“Vibrant I” is full of life, energy, and enthusiasm. This stunning piece blends real butterflies, clear quartz, pyrite, acrylic, and gold leaf. Each element creates a harmonious and vibrant composition. It captures the essence of nature’s beauty.

Materials and Techniques

Real butterflies in “Vibrant I” add a unique touch. The artist carefully preserves them to maintain their beauty. Clear quartz and pyrite bring depth and sparkle. These stones have healing properties, adding extra meaning. Acrylic paint creates a dynamic gradient background. It transitions from warm yellow hues to cool blue tones. Gold leaf accents highlight the foliage, adding luxury and richness.

The Artistic Process

The artist starts with a gradient wash of acrylic paints. This background sets the stage for vibrant elements. The addition of clear quartz and pyrite enhance the visual appeal and depth. Next, the artist applies gold leaf meticulously. This creates a shimmering effect that catches the light beautifully. Finally, the artist arranges the butterflies to suggest movement and life. 

The Story Behind “Vibrant I”

“Vibrant I” tells a story of transformation and renewal. The butterflies symbolize change and growth. They embody life’s continuous evolution. Clear quartz represents clarity and purity. Pyrite signifies protection and strength. Together, these elements narrate resilience and beauty. The gold leaf adds luxury and symbolizes the preciousness of life and nature.

Enhance Your Space

“Vibrant I” suits anyone wanting to add nature and elegance to their home. This artwork can transform any space. It creates a sanctuary of beauty and tranquility. Its vibrant colors and intricate details draw viewers in. The piece invites exploration and appreciation. Whether in a living room, bedroom, or office, this artwork captivates and inspires.


In summary, “Vibrant I” captivates as a mixed media art piece. It combines the natural beauty of butterflies with clear quartz, pyrite, and gold leaf. Its vibrant colors and dynamic composition make it stand out. It is full of life and energy. Perfect for nature lovers and art enthusiasts alike, “Vibrant I” testifies to the beauty and resilience of nature. Explore this unique artwork and let it bring vitality and inspiration into your home.