Simple Joys

Simple Joys

My first oil painting in almost 20 years.

Oil on wood panel

Original: $5,000

Giclée Print: $275 (Limited Edition of 20)

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About Simple Joys

She found pure happiness in life’s simplest joys: blowing bubbles on a sunny day, watching them dance in the air, and embracing the peacefulness of each fleeting moment.

Simple Joy is the first oil painting that I’ve created in almost 15 years. I had this idea for probably just as long. 

Going to meditation and learning about breathing and being in the moment makes this painting even more significant for me. 

I was also introduced to the magic of blowing bubbles. Blowing bubbles can help to manage anxiety. Exhaling slowly is calming and blowing bubbles is a way to slow down and lengthen the out-breath. 

At the same time, you can use the bubbles as a tool to help give your dreams a lift and for emotional release.