Emergence / Healing



the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again.

Acrylic, clear quartz, crackle paste, framed

Butterflies: Sky Blue morpho (Guyana), Common crow (Phillipines), blue banded morpho (Guyana), Brazil’s sapphire (Brazil), Charaxes etesipe (Cameroon), IMPERIALIS (Central Africa), Charaxes smaragdalis (Senegal), Bird’s Beak (Peru), Felder’s Metal Mark (Australia), Falcate Orange-Tip (United States)

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The people, vibrant and beautiful, carried with them the scars of their past. Each person had been hurt in some way or another, and their wings bore the marks of their pain.

One day, a wise healer appeared among the people. She carried with her a clear quartz cluster, which shone with an ethereal light. The healer explained to them that the clear quartz held the power to heal their wounds, and to restore them to their former glory.

They were skeptical at first, but the healer assured them that the clear quartz had been blessed by the divine, and that it held the power to heal their spirits. They agreed to let the healer work her magic, and one by one, they began to approach the clear quartz.

As each person touched the clear quartz, they were enveloped in a warm light, and they felt a sense of peace and tranquility wash over them. The healer explained that the clear quartz was absorbing their pain and their negative energy, and transforming it into positive energy that could be used for healing.

Slowly but surely, the people began to heal. They began to regain their vibrancy, and the marks of their pain began to fade away. As they continued to touch the clear quartz, they felt their spirits lifted, and began to soar with newfound strength and grace.

As the butterflies were healed, they began to fly together, in a beautiful and graceful dance. Their wings beat in perfect harmony, and their colors blended together in a stunning display of beauty and unity. The clear quartz had not only healed each individual, but it had also brought them together, creating a collective healing that was greater than the sum of its parts.

And so, the people continued to dance together, in a display of unity and healing that inspired all who saw them. The clear quartz had brought them together, and helped them heal their spirits and to fly with grace and strength once more. The power of the clear quartz had transformed them, and had brought them closer to the divine.

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