Unleashing Your Inner Art-Venture Capitalist!

Jennifer here from Fine Art of Jenn! Today, I want to share something that will help you make smart art investing decisions like wealthy art collectors!

Please Note: This process works for new and experienced collectors.

Step 1: Research

Do your Research: Explore the artist’s background, various styles, and the unique art story for each piece. You can get insights into their creative process and deepen your relationship with the artist by visiting their studio.

Step 2: Budget

Set a Budget: My art currently ranges from $100 to $15,000. Determine how much and how frequently you want to invest to grow your collection.

Step 3: Connection

Connect directly with the artist: Create a personal relationship and invest directly into the artist’s career. Cut out the middleman, track your collection and get access to custom, unique pieces that won’t be available anywhere else.

Step 4: Condition

Consider the Condition: If your art has any wear and tear, you can restore its value by having the artist repair any damages. Dealing directly with the artist gives you access you can’t get from other sources.

Step 5: Long Term

Wealth comes from holding art. Collectors like Jay-Z, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Swizz Beats and Serena Williams have art galleries in their homes. Real estate developer Harry B. Macklowe, amassed an art collection that sold for a total of $922.2 million across two auctions.

Step 6: Storage

Storing and displaying art correctly can help maintain its condition, which can in turn increase its value. Art work that is well-maintained and preserved is typically more desirable and valuable than pieces that have been damaged or poorly stored.

Step 7: Insurance

Get Fine Art Insurance: In addition to your art becoming an asset, getting art insurance can provide important protection and preservation for your investment. It will give you peace of mind knowing that your art assets are covered in the event of unexpected events.

How does this help you an art collector?

Once you have a valuable, insured art collection, you may be able to secure a loan from a bank that offers loans secured by art collections. Working directly with me will allow you to easily track the value of your art collection with your sales provenance and artist authenticity.

After you get the cash from the bank loan, you can use it to buy other long term and cash flowing assets that help you enjoy your art while you create wealth.

This strategy works incredibly well for High Net Worth Individuals, and when you begin investing in art, it can work for you.


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